In the past, a learning management system (or “LMS”) was something that large corporations could afford but was beyond the reach of a small company. As more affordable cloud-based LMS applications have become available, successful entrepreneurs are taking advantage and introducing effective learning management practices into their businesses. There are a whole range of ways in which an online learning management system can help a small business to become more effective without breaking the bank:

1. All learning in one place

Few businesses have the resources to manage all of their training internally. As a result, learning in small businesses usually involves a mix of different training providers and methods. When you add in the qualifications and training staff already have when they join, keeping track of who did what and when becomes a never-ending task. By providing a single place for staff and managers to input and track all forms of professional development, and a single place to store your internal training, you will make it significantly easier for your people to access and manage their learning.

2. Prove compliance

Whether it’s tendering for contracts or reporting on your legal duties, proving that you have provided all necessary training and information to your people on time can be tough. Add storing a broad mix of paper or electronic proofs and it can make one, auditable compliance report tough to pull together. By managing it all from a single system you can have peace of mind that proving training compliance will be easy with the best systems also reminding your people when learning expires; reducing the risk of training going out of date in error.

3. Keep your people up-to-date

When your business is really, really, small then you can usually keep everyone up-to-date face-to-face. But as you grow, it becomes harder to make sure all the right people have the right information at the right time. Most of us resort to email; relying on the idea that if it’s been sent then everyone will have read and understood it all. The reality is that many will, some won’t and some will actively ignore what you send them! An effective LMS can provide a better way to get your message out; allowing you to send video and documents to the people that need it, track who has seen it and even check whether they have understood what you said.

4. Involve everyone

Feeling like they are part of the success of the business and can contribute is important to your employees and your training regime is part of that. Enforced top-down development of learning can have the opposite effect to the one you want; reducing engagement and reducing employee commitment.  A good LMS makes it easy to get your people involved in making training for their colleagues allowing your best to share what they know. And by putting what they know online you will reduce any variation in the content, style and delivery of the training – giving better consistency in how it is delivered to your people.

5. Cutting out the admin

For most of our customers, the one thing they need more than anything is more time as they juggle winning work, delivering for customers and managing staff. Unnecessary admin can quickly eat up that time; taking you away from the tasks that really make a difference to your business. The right LMS will automate a huge chunk of your training admin; getting you away from updating spreadsheets and focused on making your business more productive.

So a good LMS can help you to spread the learning load, improve quality and all while increasing employee engagement. It makes proving compliance easier, helps you to keep your people up to date and, importantly, saves you time. Our customers are always amazed at how much “hidden” time is lost by staff, managers and owners on training administration and it can easily eat up days or even weeks of your time each year. When an effective, automated LMS can cost as little as £30 a month, implementing one is an important step in helping you to compete more effectively.

To help you find out whether a LMS is for you, Cloudtrainer allows you to ‘try before you buy’. Getting it right can have a huge motivational impact on your people, improve your bottom line and make it easier for your people to learn and be more productive. With all the potential benefits to be had, why not give a LMS a try? Simply register today for your free trial.

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