We all like to think we are completely invaluable to our clients and that they think that we, and sliced bread have an awful lot in common.


If you are in the Service sector, it’s the service providers who identify exactly what their client needs, wants and deserves that will make them stand out from the list of simple suppliers and become a true partner.


Like a marriage, real partnership is a two-way process and, as with so much in business today, can’t be taken for granted.


The client needs to trust you and you in turn need to make sure there is mutual respect and understanding.


The partnership demands that there is a common goal and continual investment in the relationship. Above all, the supplying partner in the relationship needs to offer solutions, not problems.


Honesty and transparency is vital along with mutual, regular and robust feedback.


So, it’s not so easy to become a true partner; but if you are, the rewards are fantastic. It’s easy to say you are, but try asking your client if they feel that the relationship is a partnership and you should get an answer – hopefully, the one you want to hear.