It’s 1968 and I’ve left Allerton Grange School in Leeds with a random set of ‘0′ and ‘A’ levels and
been invited to Bradford Regional College of Art for a one year foundation course to be followed
hopefully by three further years focussing on design and typography to carry me on to become a graphic designer.

What an eye opener, a bit different to school. Off with the school jacket on with the Afghan coat -[the Art college uniform] and lessons in how to
drink beer, lots of it and flirt with girls of course, not forgetting all things arty.

I made friends quickly with a great set of people. We were thrown in at the deep end with life drawing, I still have some of my
first sketches of the curves and bumps of the very nude models, heaters and all to keep them warm. – very enjoyable and funny l thought.

This first year was to shake us out of our protective 6th form shell and boy did it. Every day was an adventure in the world of art
plus a great social side thrown in for good measure. My hearing is still vibrating from the sound of Slade over the road at the polytechnic.

All this bound us into a fabulous group. Looking back now I realise it gave me the start of my life skills and the chance
to dance in paint, build theatre backdrops, throw pots, make and glaze ceramics, silk screen printing, photography and so much more
– this was heaven although I’m not sure I realised it at the time.

I spent many hours homing my drawing skills in Kirkgate Market and the Cathedral on Church Bank, cold and draughty but fascinating.

The first year flew by and off I went down to Thornton Road in Bradford to the design dept that would be my home for the next three years