Four words that rang a bell with me from Paul Smith, international fashion designer being interviewed on the Jeremy Vine show I listened to last week.

In a very crowded market place we are bombarded with so much and too much of everything that It becomes harder than ever to make a decision.

From shoe shops to cafes, from mobile phone shops to takeaways, from gyms to restaurants, from jewellery shops to restaurants the list goes on and on.

How do we differentiate and find what makes the difference in deciding what and who to choose for that service or product.

In my view it’s down to people. It’s down to chemistry and its down to us to find that chemistry.

Don’t make the first step your sell, get the the customer at ease make them smile, talk football, talk holidays, talk cycling a passion of Paul Smith, he says it’s wonderful how barriers are broken down so quickly when you talk about your passions –  it’s always been my style to start communicate this way.

Next it’s the offer, the product, the experience, by this time any barriers have been broken down and talking business is more relaxed.

So be kind, be natural, be fair, be helpfull and happy.  Our jobs and lives are generally stressful enough so enjoy your work the rest will follow.

We believe it works for us at ideas. I know it can work for you

–  “when people talk the magic happens”