The first two years of my four year course at Bradford College of Art have flown by, and its now the serious bit before going
out into the big bad world. I’m now specialising and homing my skills in the world of typography, branding and print processes, mixed in
with a photography course.

Litho and letterpress were the two main print processes of the day and were made much easier to understand for beginners like me
by placements at various local print shops for short periods, this really worked and was so enjoyable.

Our ruling pens were now giving way to Rapidographs, a sort of very modern and technical fountain pen, a revelation for putting ink on artboard.

Letraset self adhesive sheets of lettering were also great to use but expensive as a student and a PMS swatch sheer was total luxury. Remember in
1972 we are still 12 years before Mac came on the scene and together with hot metal setting there was no other choices to create words on paper
– setting copy quickly paper was around the corner and about to revolutionise the industry again

Repetition of working for local companies on new logos and branding made it all real in the final year and soon we were preparing for our
fourth year end of college diploma show.

My diploma presentation was based on launching a new Brewery brand with designs for labels, stationery, wine and beer bottles, drink
trays and signage all based around my Initial logo design.

The show was live for three days and to my surprise the half day I took a break, my work was seen by the Chairman of Hornsea Pottery,
Desmond Rawson. He left a card for me to contact him. I called as soon as I got the message and was asked if I would like to come through to
Hornsea for an interview.

Off I toddled and was interviewed by the managing Director Colin Rawson. After about an hour of chatting I was shown round the forty two
acre site inc the pottery production tour, cafes, shops museum and so on.

The following morning a call came through and I was offered my first job, Thrilled to bits it was a big yes from me.

I would be based in a large white house called Whitestacks Design Centre. This was situated with photo studio at the top of the main drive to the pottery
complex. I would be involved with general and retail and product advertising for the site, national advertising for visitors plus a dabble into pottery design.

– an exciting prospect ahead.