I love knitting.

I’ve been an on off Knitter since my nannie taught me as a little girl, but now I’m full on addicted.
If I don’t have a knitting project on the go I feel lost and get annoyed with myself until I start a new one, but as soon as I do the world feels right again

I love that I can combine two things I love doing, knitting and watching TV, It’s great for restless hands and to quiet a busy mind that’s been working hard all day.

I’ve had many knitting fails through out the years, ranging from VERY saggy socks, hats and slippers that are too big, hats and jumpers that are too small… you get the gist, but I persevered and kept on trying as I knew that with practice and patience I’d get there, and I did.

Patience it definitely something you need/learn with knitting… the projects can be long and sometimes the novelty wears off and you just want to fast forward to finishing the project. But you keep on plodding along (I say plodding, I think I’m quite slow knitter, some people have speedy skills), and once you have the finished project in your hands (my most recent was a jumper) you get a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. The other element of knitting that needs patience is the wool, tangled wool to be precise…imagine tangled wires, BUT WORSE.

As a graphic designer I obviously love all things typographic, so one day I decided to combine two of my passions and knit/design typographic pennants/flags, and that was it, I found my knitting calling. They are fun to knit and don’t take me too long so I don’t get bored. I really enjoy the process as I design the flags on my iPad first and then once I’m happy with it, the knitting begins, it’s always really exciting seeing the design transform from a digital thing, to a tangible, tactile product. I also love the contrast in the two processes as they are polar opposites, one uses modern technology, the other an ancient technique.

One day I might finally get round to selling my knitted flags, who know!

I highly recommend knitting to all, any hobby where you can sit and watch TV with the dog on your lap and a cup of tea (or gin) by your side is a winner to me!