Are you sitting behind your desk staring at a computer screen and waiting for emails to announce their arrival with that distinctive “ding”?


Annoying isn’t it? Not half as annoying as not getting the business that you were expecting to automatically plop onto your laptop.


Just think how much better it would be to sit and have a coffee face to face with a real, living person; interacting with them, having a conversation that you don’t need to read, or worse still, misinterpret!


Have you considered rationing the use of your email to 15 minutes in every hour? It shouldn’t be too difficult and it’s amazing what you could achieve in that other 45 minutes. I’m not saying it will be easy, I remember giving up smoking, I couldn’t think what to do with my hands. I recommend that your turn your sound off on the computer so you’re not tempted to take a sneaky peak.


OK, there may be a particular email that is urgent and imminent, move you 15 minutes on to be able to receive that special one, but don’t cheat!


It’s fantastic to talk with people, you never know what you have in common and more importantly, you never know what extra business may come out of the conversation.


Go on, give it a try, you may just enjoy life even more!